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 Press release

1.  Our forces carried out effective actions against the invading Turkish state in response to its invasion operation in the Xakurkê region of the Medya Defense Zones. Within the scope of Martyr Bager and Martyr Ronya Revolutionary Campaign, details of the actions where the invading Turkish army suffered heavy blows are as following:

 On June 12, at 22.00, our YJA Star guerrilla carried out a series of assassination actions against enemy soldiers positioned on the Lêlikan hill in the Xakurkê region. Two enemy soldiers were killed as a result of the effective hits.

On June 20, our YJA Star forces put under surveillance enemy soldiers on the Girê Xwedê hill. The enemy soldiers who were put under surveillance for a long time were targeted by our forces at 18.10 on the same day. In the action, five enemy soldiers, one of them a military officer, were killed.

 On 21 June, at 08.00, our forces carried out a sabotage action targeting a Reo-type military vehicle moving in the direction of Girê outpost in Çelê (Çukurca) district of Hakkari. The number of dead and wounded soldiers could not be clarified in the action where the military vehicle was destroyed completely and many soldiers were killed.

Our guerrillas carrying out these three actions have reached their base safely.

2. On June 17, our forces carried out an action against the Tıngê outpost in the Kato Xelila area in the Çatak district of Van. One enemy soldier was killed and a Panzer of the invading Turkish army was damaged. Following the action, invaders launched an operation in the area on June 19.

Within the scope of the ongoing Martyr Media Mawa and Martyr Rızgar Gever Revenge Campaign in Botan, our forces carried out effective actions against the invading Turkish army. Within this scope;

On June 19, at 19.00, the invading soldiers carrying out searching activity in the area were target by our guerrillas from 4 different sides. Our forces organized comprehensive actions targeting all of the operation units. Our forces, which carried out a revolutionary operation against the invading Turkish soldiers, killed seven enemy soldiers and wounded two soldiers.

 The invading Turkish army, which carried away dead and wounded soldiers from the area with armored vehicles, was forced to retreat at night on the same day after heavy blows.

We have had no losses in this operation.

3. On June 19, a disguised unit of the invading Turkish army which carried out an ambush in the Tofdak highlands of Dörtyol district of Hatay was put under surveillance by our forces. This unit was hit by our forces at close range at 10.20 on the same day. Two enemy soldiers were killed and two soldiers were wounded. Our guerrilla unit has reached its base safely.

4. On June 14, around 19.30, our guerrillas encountered with a unit of the invading Turkish army in the Martyr Mızgin area of Mexrebiyan region of Bitlis, and entered into conflict. Intense clashes took place between the enemy unit and our forces and many enemy soldiers were killed. Our comrade Eren Karker Pasur (Ünal Dinar), who fought heroically against enemy forces, fell a martyr. The ID information of our martyr guerrilla as a following;


Nom de Guerre: Eren Karker Pasur 

First-Last Name: Ünal Dinar

Place of Birth: Amed

Mother's-Father's Name: Ülmiye - Abdulkadir

Date and Place of Martyrdom: June 14, 2019 / Bitlis

Eren – Ünal Dinar

5. On June 12, at 03.00, a unit of ours encountered with the soldiers of the invading Turkish army near Wargenima outpost in Hakkari’s Gever district and entered into conflict with invaders. Following the action, the attack helicopters of the invaders bombed the area.

Simultaneously with the bombardment, Iranian guards put under fire our forces. Our comrades Redur, Rojbin, and Evrim have reached martyrdom in the conflict with Iranian guards.

Until today, as a movement, we have not taken part in the concepts developed against Iran and we have no intention to do so. But if this action taken by Iran at the border is not an individual one, and if Iran continues collaborating with the Turkish state, then we state clearly that we would need to re-evaluate our position against Iran.

The ID details of our comrades who reached martyrdom in this attack are as following;

Nom de Guerre: Evrim Ronahi Başkale

First-Last Name: Aysel Toğan

Place of Birth: Van

Mother's-Father's Name: Şadiye - Recep

Date and Place of Martyrdom: June 12, 2019 / Gever 

Kod Adı: Redur Adar


Evrim – Aysel Toğan

Nom de Guerre: Gülistan Elmas

First-Last Name: Mardin

Place of Birth: Hediye – Abdulbaki

Mother's-Father's Name: 12 Haziran 2019 / Gever 

Date and Place of Martyrdom: June 12, 2019 / Gever

Redur – Gülistan Elmas

Nom de Guerre: Rojbin Avareş

First-Last Name: Mercan Abdullahi Gırinkanlo

Place of Birth: Maku

Mother's-Father's Name: Naze – Ahmet

Date and Place of Martyrdom: June 12, 2019 / Gever

Rojbin – Mercan Abdullahi Gırinkanlo 


June 22, 2019

HPG Press Centre