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Press Release

1.  On June 19. At 23.50, Stuna hill, located on the Çelê (Çukurca) district of Hakkari, was intensively bombed by warplanes and attack helicopters of the invading Turkish army.

On June 20 (today), at 01.00, Martyr Karlos hill and Bêdehê village were bombed. Following the bombardment, the invading Turkish army tried to carry out setdowns to the Stuna hill. UAV activities over the area are underway.

2. On June 25, the invading Turkish army launched an occupation operation in the villages of Aşkan, Koxan, Govanê, Arcu, and Xozıl in the Çatak district of Van.

The invading Turkish army was unable to get any results during the operation in the area until 27 April, and conducted house raids targeting the villagers in the area and arrested some civilians and exerted pressure on the villagers.

On May 1, the invading Turkish army launched an occupation operation in Aşkan village of Çatak district. During the operation, the Turkish army burned vineyards, gardens, houses, and materials of the villagers.

3.  On June 22, between 22.30 and 23.30, the warplanes of the occupying Turkish army bombed the Kunişka area of the Zap region in the Medya Defense Zones. We have had no losses in the bombardment.


June 20, 2019 

HPG Press Release