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Press Release

1. On January 1, at 08:00, our guerrilla forces carried out an action against the Rubarok (Derecik) Regiment in the Semzinan (Semdinli) district of Hakkari with explosive-laden UAVs. The explosive-laden UAVs have hit the targets with full precision.

There are casualties from the enemy but the number could not be clarified. The invading Turkish army has launched an operation around the regiment following the action.

2. The warplanes of the invading Turkish army carried out air strikes against Medya Defense Zones on January 2. In this context;

Warplanes bombed the Gunde Filleha, Gunde Sida, Martyr Sahin, Karker and Cemco areas and the vicinity of the Zap stream intermittently from midday to the evening.

Also the Dola Konferas area in the Avasin region at 16:00 and the vicinity of the Gise village in the Gare region were bombed at 18:40.

The bombings have caused material damage to the orchards and gardens that belong to the local people, but haven’t resulted in any loss of guerrillas.


January 3, 2019

HPG Press Centre