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Press Release

1. Within the scope of the Revolutionary Victory Campaign launched in the Serhat province, on November 26, at 02.00, our forces carried out an action targeting a Kirpi-type armoured vehicle of the invading Turkish army heading towards the district centre from the Axurî Outpost in Iğdır’s Aralık district.

Our forces, going over the armoured vehicle hit in close range, completely destroyed the vehicle after burning it. 15 enemy soldiers were identified killed in this action. Following the action, our forces also effectively struck the surrounding outposts attempting to intervene in the area. The invading Turkish army carried away vehicle debris and the bodies of soldiers from the area until 07.00 in the morning. This action was carried out in order to salute the 41st anniversary of the PKK.

2. On November 26, at 21.30, the warplanes of the invading Turkish army bombed the Çemço area of the Zap region from the Medya Defence Zones.

 On November 27, around 00.30, warplanes bombed the Zendura Hill in the Metina region of the Medya Defence Zones. We have had no guerrilla losses in both attacks.


November 27, 2018

HPG Press Centre