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Press Release

1. On October 28, at 4.30, our forces carried out an action against the invading Turkish army located on the Koordine hill in Hakkari’s Çelê (Çukurca) district. An enemy position was completely destroyed and three enemy soldiers were killed.

Following the action, the invading Turkish army indiscriminately bombed the area with howitzer and mortar shells.

2. On October 28, at 07.10, the invading Turkish army bombed the surroundings of Xakurke River in Xakurke region of the Medya Defence Zones.

On the same day, between 17.00 and 18.00, warplanes bombed the Hesena Valley of the Avashin region. As a result of this bombardment, our comrade Kurtay Nusaybin fall as martyr.

The ID information of our martyr is as following;

Nom de Guerre: Kurtay Nusaybin

Name-Surname: Abdurrazzak Eren

Place of Birth: Mardin

Mother’s and Father’s: Atiye - Rustem

Date and Place of Martyrdom: October 28, 2018 / Media Defence Zones

Kurtay – Abdurrazzak Eren


October 29, 2018

HPG Press Centre