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Press Release

 Our guerrillas have launched the Year 2018 Revolutionary Victory Campaign against the occupying Turkish army in the general of Serhat Province.

On January 31, around 13.50 hours, our forces carried out an action against a military vehicle on the road of the Süphan battalion in the Bazid (Doğubeyazit) district of Ağrı, against the invasion operations continuing in entire Kurdistan. The vehicle which was effectively and intensely hit got off the road and has been destroyed. Our forces have gone over the destroyed vehicle and the bodies of seven soldiers. Our forces have also seized one G3 infantry rifle from these soldiers. After the action, the outposts in the area bombed surrounding areas indiscriminately.

 On the same day, our forces carried out a series of assassination actions against the Serêkaniyê outpost in Bazid. Two enemy soldiers were killed in the actions.


February 2, 2018

HPG Press Centre