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As a result of the meetings with the PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan at Imrali prison new attempts to solve the Kurdish problem entered the agendas. PKK has also extended its non-action position until 31 October. In fact, PKK has extended its unilateral ceasefire in order to encourage those who are in favour of a democratic political solution. However, Turkish government did not take trust-building concrete steps. In converse, the state officials delivered speeches in which they said “Mother tongue education is out of question. If Kurdish is taught at schools then there will be a new nation, a new state.”

Turkish officials then started intensive diplomacy traffic with Syria, Iran and Iraq against the PKK. They also attempted to prevent Ocalan to receive lawyer visits. Ocalan pointed out that ‘a new conspiracy” against Kurdish national movement is coming up.

As a matter of fact, the Turkish PM Erdogan by saying “BDP’s vote are controversial” declared last week that the state will not take any steps for a peaceful solution of the Kurdish problem and it will insist on its denial policy.

Speaking to ANF the member of the Executive Committee of KCK Duran Kalkan evaluated the recent developments. Kalkan spoke about the promises made during the negotiations in Imrali, special war policy of the state which it conducts in Sirnak and Hakkari, the diplomacy traffic conducted by Turkey, religious organisations in Kurdistan and preparations by the PKK.

Duran Kalkan said: Leader Abdullah Ocalan said that the Kurdish national independence movement is facing the fourth conspiracy. The first one was between 1992-1994, the second one was between 1997-1999 and third one was between 2002-2004. And the fourth one started after local elections of 2007 and in November 2009 it was developed by the Turkish PM himself. All these conspiracies aim at destruction of the Kurdish national movement. They also prevent a political solution of the Kurdish problem. They are also supported both home and abroad which means they are not limited to some powers only.

1991: Military operations both in Northern and Southern Kurdistan following the ‘Operation Provide Comfort’.

1992: Turkish stated massacred Kurds in cities and in Autumn Turkish army conducted a cross-border operation into Northern Iraq.

1993: Turkish army tried to sabotage the unilateral ceasefire declared by the PKK.

1994: Turkish army started destroying Kurdish villages and displacing the Kurds.

During this period some Turkish high rank soldiers who were opposing militaristic solution and proposing a political solution were also targeted by the intelligence service.

The second conspiracy took place when Necmetin Erbakan was in power. It is also called 28 February coup. Erbakan was away from politics for 13 years and his political movement is all separated. On the other hand, between 9 October 1998- 15 February 1999 the conspiracy turned into piracy and then Imrali system was created.

The third conspiracy was between 2002-2004. This time Bulent Ecevit and his government were targeted. This was both internal and external. They also targeted the PKK and tried to buy some weak personalities with money.

The forth one started on 17 November. It aims at destroying our movement and they also targeted legal politicians. They are conducting a political genocide on the Kurds. They also use suppression, prosecutions, torture on the Kurdish people. While the operations against the guerrillas continuing the suppression on the legal politics is also increasing.

Who are conducting the current conspiracy?

Our leader Ocalan acted very cautiously in order to understand the current situation. He did not want to blame AKP government at first place. After long evaluations he arrived this conclusion. The Conspiracy is also targeting the AKP government. However, AKP has reconciled with these powers, it has surrender itself. At this level AKP has two options either to continue and lead the war against the PKK and the Kurdish people or it will itself become the victim of the conspiracy.

AKP has forgotten its promises

AKP government and the PM made several promises before the referendum however on 12 September Erdogan made a speech which was clearly indicating that he will not keep his promises. The PM has also denied the negotiations realized with Ocalan in Imrali. He is blaming BDP. This way he is using BDP as an excuse. In other words as it is said the best defence is attacking.

Bargain on Roj TV with NATO

Turkey is using diplomacy against the PKK. Kurdish organisations in Europe are raided by the police, Kurds are detained. Kurds are being criminalised, terrorised. For instance, Turkey bargained with NATO secretary over Roj TV. They also discussed it with Germany and some other European countries. These are all planned during the meeting with Americans. Roj TV will a test for the European Democracy. On one had their values and democracy on the other hand the economic relations and the promises they gave Turkey and US.

The diplomacy with Syria, Iran and Iraq is not new. But AKP is launching it as if they have just started. Turkey’s attempts are unlikely to reach and results. AKP is sacrificing a lot of opportunities which could be used for Turkey. And the neighbouring countries are very well aware of the weak point of Turkey: PKK. AKP is letting them to benefit from this weak spot.

US wants to use Turkey as a outpost

Since Turkey became member of NATO US is using is as a military outpost. It was used against SSCB and now US has other plans on the middle east as well as Russia. The Missile Shield is only a part of this project. US wants to use Turkey for its Great Middle East Project.

US is using Turkey not only for Iran but also for the other Asian countries like China, India. But in case of a intervention to Iran US will want to use Turkey.

Bargain on PKK in return of Missiles

If Turkey signs this missile shield project in Lisbon it means US has promised to support Turkey, both in terms of politics and military, against the Kurdish national movement. It means Turkey will continue its denial and destruction policy and will not agree on a political solution.

Of course the missiles are not a threat for the Kurds but the bargain is done over the Kurds. US is selling the existence of the Kurds in return of missiles, and deny the freedom of the Kurds. It is also supporting Turkey in order to continue its genocide on the Kurds. When these kind of issues are discussed fundamental principals of the western world are easily forgotten. Unfortunately this is the current political reality of the world.