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The last words comrade Xelat spoke to the camera before crossing to the north:

"My name is Xelat Gorse. I came to the world in Mardin in 1982. I joined the ranks in 99. I came to the ranks from Amed. I stayed there for a while. I traveled to the southern areas with the withdrawal process. Now I'm on the way to Botan, I'm going to Botan.

We are going through a very heavy process. There is a very intense orientation both on our leadership, on our people, and on our movement. We want to go to Botan to become a response to this process. When I joined Amed in 99, I stayed there for a short time, there was a half-done practice of mine there. Now I want to go there and complete the practice which is half done. I wanted to go to Amed again, but the organization found Botan appropriate. Now I want to go there and become a response to the process.

As a student of the Martyr Beritan academy, we have made a very strong concentration here and now we want to practice this and become a response there. I believe that we will be a response with the power from here. There is no need to say anything different. Because many of our heroic martyrs have said what should be said, especially in the name of Comrade Viyan. What kind of struggle, posture and personality was needed were put out there according to the process. On this basis, I wish success to friends who are here. I believe that we will become an answer to the enemy there with our struggle."

Nom de Guerre: Xelat Gorse

Name Surname: Cihan Unat

Date and Place of Martyrdom: June 30, 2006 during the conflict in Botan's Kela Meme.


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