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1-On 17 June, our guerrillas carried out a sabotage action on the pipelines going through the district of Midyat/Mardin and district of Idil/Sirnak. Also, on 21 June at 16:00 hour, our guerrillas destroyed a Ladle, which was working on the area of the sabotage action carried out before.

2-On 23 June at around 21:40 hour, our guerrillas carried out an action against the Police station at the triangle of Bitlis-Norsin-Tatvan. As a result, while the main building got into flames for a long time, 1 security cabin and a Mountain Deer type vehicle have been destroyed by our guerrillas. Aftermath of the action, 4 armoured vehicle have rapidly fire on the civilian houses with no aims. Number of enemy killed or wounded couldn’t be able to clerified by our forces.

3-On 24 June at around 14:30 hour, our guerrillas carried out an action by targeting a vehicle carrying the members of the Special Operational Teams of the Police, on the Road of Hospital, in the district of Derik, Mardin. As a result, the Police vehicle completely destroyed and 4 policemen killed. Aftermath of the action, the occupier force of the Turkish state army launched a military operation in the area, which still continues.

4-On 24 June in between 16:30-18:30 hours, our guerrillas carried out Road and I.D. check-ups on the Road of Sirnak-Beytussebap. During the action, 50 vehicles have been stopped, I.D. check-ups made and no suspicious travellers find. Also, our guerrillas informed the people for latest political developments in the area.

5-On 24 June at around 11:30 hour, clashes occurred in between our guerrillas and the occupier forces of the Turkish state army nearby the Serbend Military Base in the district of Uludere/Sirnak. As a result, 2 enemy soldiers killed.

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